Welcome to coha.nl

On this website you will find free downloads, predominantly oriented on the Netherlands, for train simulations such as Microsoft Train Simulator and Train Simulator 2018. Anyone can buy these simulations online and install it on his computer. Note: Our downloads will not work on a illegal version of these programs. Help will not be offered when it is being suspected that illegal software is used !!

The team of Coha.nl
The team of Coha.nl ’s main aim is to provide you the possibility to experience the real world of trains as driver, passenger or spotter on your own computer.

Conner is a freeware content creator, also owner of this website, offering his work for the various train simulations here for free. Together with Conner there is an entire team contributing to the most beautiful projects for the various train simulations. Think of writing scripts and manuals, beta testing, forum moderators and editors of YouTube videos.

TjoeTjoe ensures that the Dutch signals and level crossings are coming to life and do what they need to do in Train Simulator 2018. He also takes care for the manuals for the various downloads.

X_shooter1 does the beta testing for our various projects and he himself also creates 3D objects on freeware basis. X_shooter1 is also a moderator of our forum and he has designed this website for us.

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch the latest news from us in motion. You will also find some tutorials there explaining how things work in Train Simulator.
Creating an object and scripting is one thing, but for example placing the links of the Dutch signals and level crossings in Train Simulator 2018 is another thing. When you have problems with the operation of the signals and/or level crossings, then please "first" read the manual carefully and/or watch one of the many tutorials on our YouTube channel. A lot of effort has been put into creating the tutorials and they have all proven their usefulness. If you should still have any questions, please enter your question on our forum. We are happy to help.

This website also has a forum there where you can watch and react to the latest news from Coha.nl. In order to join the discussion on our forum and to be able to download our downloads a one-time registration on our site is required. After registration one of the administrators must approve the account. You will receive a confirmation email then. Please send us an email in the unlikely event that you have not received a confirmation email after 24 hours. We are happy to help.
This website is still in development so it will be changed and expanded in near future. Do you have a great idea for our site? Please feel free to share your suggestions via our forum.

Leaves us nothing more than to wish you lots of fun with our downloads.

Best regards, on behalf of the team,

Conner, TjoeTjoe, X_shooter1.